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PSJ 2017 Peer Awards Nomination

Dear Colleague

Thank you for your interest in the Pharmaceutical Society of Jamaica (PSJ) Annual Peer Awards. Your nomination continues a growing tradition of honouring Pharmaceutical Society of Jamaica members and associates. All nominations and deliberations are kept confidential. If you have any questions about the nomination process or would like to submit a nomination for the 2017 peer awards, please email the PSJ awards committee. The information below outlines the processes and criteria to submit a peer awards nomination.


The PSJ solicits nominations for the awards from all members of the Pharmaceutical Society of Jamaica. A committee of elected members of the Executive Board of the society reviews the materials submitted on each candidate and selects those candidates who are deemed most deserving of recognition and whose achievements most closely fit the category for which they have been nominated. The committee may invite members of the society to assist in its deliberations. All deliberations are kept confidential. Individuals chosen to receive awards are honoured each year at a special Awards Banquet; held during pharmacy week at the Annual inauguration ceremony for newly registered pharmacists.


Read the awards criteria and eligibility requirements attached before making your recommendations. A candidate may be nominated for more than one award category, and the selection committee reserves the right to grant an award for which the candidate has not been nominated.

  • Check the list of awards winners to make sure your candidate has not already won an award in the category you are nominating him or her for.
  • Fill out and submit the official nomination form online or download a hard copy form. If you would like to submit your nomination in letter form, be certain to use this document as a guide.
  • Contact others who can support this nomination and request that they mail, fax, or e-mail letters. Letters of support should answer questions posed within the criteria for each award and should include varied detailed content.
  • Keep all nominations confidential.


Please do not inform candidates that they are under consideration since only a limited number of recipients are chosen each year from among many worthy individuals. All deliberations are kept confidential.

Best Regards,
Ainsley G. Jones

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