Pharmaceutical Society of Jamaica


Four Resolutions were passed at the PSJ’s Extraordinary General Meeting held September 21, 2014 at the Medallion Hall Hotel, 53 Hope Road Kingston 10. Other matters included the admission of Dr. Janet Shelly, Dr. Gossett Williams and Dr. Donna-Marie Wynter-Adams as Honorary Members of the Society and the accordance of Life Membership to Mrs. Hermine Metcalfe.

RESOLUTION (2014) #1: Voting for President from the floor at an AGM (Refer to Section #11, PSJ Constitution)

Whereas,” if there is no nomination of persons for the position of President for the nomination period and whereas the nomination period has expired and whereas at the annual general meeting there are person or persons so interested in filling the position of President and whereas the person/s fits the eligibility criteria as set out in the constitution to be holder of such office”

Be it resolved….

“that such person(s) be nominated at that meeting ( annual general meeting)from the floor and voted for by show of hands, acclamation or secret ballot by 2/3 of the fully paid up members or the majority of those present”.

PSJ Constitution Section #12: The President, First and Second Vice Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer need not be permanently residing in Jamaica, but may normally resident within the island.

RESOLUTION (2014) #2: Eligibility for election of society officers: Resident in Jamaica (Refer to Section #12 PSJ Constitution)

Whereas section 12 of the constitution reads that “The President, First and Second Vice President Secretary and Treasurer need not be permanently residing in Jamaica, but may normally resident within the island”, and where as these are critical offices that demands physical presence and whereas those person or persons are not on vacation or extended study leave and their absence is not a permanent nature, and whereas the period of absence is not greater than 6 months

Be it resolved….

That that section be amended to read “The President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer need to be permanently residing in Jamaica”.

RESOLUTION (2014) #3: change of nomenclature: ‘Annual Retreat’ to ‘Annual Conference’

Whereas there have been a number of changes in the Pharmaceutical Industry regarding sponsorships and whereas the changes in standard operating practices within the Industry restricts the activities of same and limits sponsorship to continuing education for healthcare professionals; and whereas the word ‘retreat’ has always been part of the registered name for one of the PSJ’s annual educational events and whereas the focus of this event is on continuing education,

Be it resolved that the event be now called PSJ Annual Conference.

RESOLUTION (2014) #4: Term Limit for Members Nominated to Serve on Pharmacy Council:
Whereas the Pharmaceutical Society of Jamaica (The Society) contributes six members to the Pharmacy Council of Jamaica; and whereas the Council is normally required to be reconstituted every three years or after a General Election; and whereas the Society currently has no term limit on its members, who are nominated to this board; and whereas the Society believes in the renewal of its members on the PCJ board, Be it resolved that members, who are nominated by the Pharmaceutical Society of Jamaica to the Pharmacy Council of Jamaica and subsequently appointed by the Minister may serve for a period not exceeding two consecutive terms. These persons may however be reappointed after an absence of one term. This however does not exclude a member being appointed as a chairman at anytime


In accordance with Section #65 of the PSJ Constitution, the following persons who were proposed by the Executive Committee of the PSJ to be admitted as Honorary Members of the Society were ratified by majority vote at the Extraordinary General Meeting of the PSJ held at the Medallion Hall Hotel, Hope Road on September 21, 2014:

  • Dr. Janet Shelly
  • Dr. Gossett Williams
  • Dr. Donna Marie-Wynter Adams


We are pleased to inform that the members of the PSJ Executive Committee have accorded Life Membership status to Mrs. Hermine Metcalfe, recipient of the Pharmaceutical Society of Jamaica’s Lifetime Achievement Award 2013.

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