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Retreat 2013: A Success!

The Pharmaceutical Society of Jamaica’s Educational Retreat 2013, held June 21-23 at the Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort Spa & Conference Center, Ocho Rios, was a tremendous success ! Conference theme: “Advancing Pharmacy; Improving Health Care”.

We are most grateful to our many sponsors who helped to make this Retreat possible.

The presentations were excellent and provided very useful and valuable information. In addition to business and professional updates, Retreat 2013, provided the opportunity for persons to interact with colleagues, business associates and their families, many of whom rarely have an opportunity to see each other. There was also the ‘fun’ element. Pharmacists, pharmacy interns and students demonstrated their modeling, singing and dancing talents at the social on the Saturday evening. Congratulations to the Conference Planning Team!

We were treated at the Opening Ceremony to the outstanding talent of Ashley Bromfield, daughter of 1st VP Dr. Lisa Bromfield, who danced elegantly to skillfully choreographed pieces and by pharmacist, Novia Jerry, who demonstrated her exceptional vocal talent.

Guest speaker, Mr. James Moss-Solomon gave a stimulating and challenging talk. We are most grateful to him for making the time to share his thoughts with us.

James Moss Solomon Opening Address

Thanks to all who helped to make this Retreat a success: the support staff of the PSJ Secretariat, the pharmacy students and interns who assisted and very importantly, thanks to all who attended and participated in the various sessions.

Click links below to view presentations

Re-Inventing Your Pharmacy – why is it necessary: Michelle Knight

Re-inventing your Pharmacy in 3-5 years- why is it necessary. Norman Dunn

Strategies in Obesity Management: Mr. Brian Peart

Pharmacological Approaches to Delay Progression to Diabetes: Dr. Andrea Daly

An evaluation of clinical Pharmacists at UHWI: Dr. Antia Mitchell

Optimizing Disease Control and Patient Outcomes in Rheumatoid Arthritis: Dr Camile Wilson-Clarke

Tailoring Insulin Therapy and overcoming Barriers to Glycemic Control in Patients Living with Diabetes: Dr. Michelle Russell

Importance of Quality Assurance in the Retail Pharmacy Practice: Mr. Michael Patterson

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